Open standards and the Norwegian Government.

02/09/2009 at 07:57 (News articles)

This is an older post I had in another blog which was published on January 11, 2009 at 20:11.

Just wanted to publish an translated article about open standards and the Norwegian government.

The Norwegian goverment demands open format.

The Norwegian “Renewal” Minister announced guidelines for which format public websites should use.

Heidi Grande Roeys has delivered a document to the government from The Standardising Council, where they suggest what formats public websites shall use.

1. Documents: When exchanging documents between the public sector and it’s inhabitants/buisnesses PDF is to be used for documents that do not need editing, and ODF for documents that needs to be edited.

Public services and offices shall be able to recive PDF, JPEG, PNG and ODF from everyone that has contact with them, so that after sending it, you shouldn`t recive a message that they can not open.

2. Sound: Ogg Vorbis is to be used for compressed soundfiles. For uncompressed files FLAC is to be used.
In cases where it is expected that users do not have support for the above mentioned formats, such as in mobile units, MP3 is to be used.

3. Video: Ogg Theora is to be used, and the report also suggests using a format several users have access to, such as H.264 and the sound in ACC which is to be contained in MP4.

4. Pictures: JPEG is to be used, and PNG or GIF as an alternative. For vector graphics, SVG is to be used and PNG as an alternative.

The Standardising Council suggests that everything that is in public websites, that being sound and pictures, should follow these standards for all new material by January 1st. 2012, and that the already published content shall be converted by January 1st. 2014.

These standards shall be brought up for adoption as soon as possible, maybe as soon as this summer.

The Norwegian article can be found here. And the report, in PDF, can be found here.

Stay open.


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Norwegian Police gets reported for bad webdesign.

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The police in Norway just launched a new website where the public has the possibility to report crimes, order passports and other things you needed to go to the police station to get fixed.

But a self-employed web designer has reported that the design look like it was designed by a fourteenyearold.

The article is in Norwegian, and can be found here.

It says that this has cost the Norwegian taxpayers about 28.5 million Norwegian kroner or about £ 2.9 million, which he found to be way to much for something so badly designed.

I do not know how to design a website, but I have been using the net for close to 10 years and must say I have to agree.


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Make a CD to do a minimal *buntu install.

31/08/2009 at 10:48 (Make CD., Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

Just a quick one on how to make a CD from the Ubuntu mini .ISOfile. I have already done the install as well, just take a look at the link on the right.


Stay free and open source.


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Clean out the leftovers.

31/08/2009 at 06:57 (clean garbage) (, , )

This might be interessing for those who come from Windows and use CCleaner or other such tools to keep their machine clean of the garbage that accumulates over time.

Open a terminal and copy and paste the following:

sudo su (these are two different lines, so this one first and the next line second)

aptget -y autoremove && aptitude -y autoclean && aptitude -y clean && dpkg –configure -a && aptitude update

This will clean your machine and give you back some space, especially if you have installed a lot of programs/updates.

Hope this tip is helpfull and please comment if you do find it helpfull or harmfull.


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Hello to all and every one.

31/08/2009 at 06:33 (How to, in virtualbox) ()

I just posted my first video on YouTube showing the use of Acronis True Image and how you back up your Windows system.

All of the recording and editing is done in Ubuntu 9.04 running Windows XP SP3 in VirtualBox. Watch it here.

For those interested I will soon do a video showing my workflow when doing a recording. Stay tuned.


PS: man I am way to lazy to not update my blog more often. This is about to change though as I shall get my act together and do more blogging and video production. Hope to see you soon.

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Screencat Ideas

28/06/2009 at 07:48 (Uncategorized)

Well, I am still in the planning stages of these screen-casting how to’s. Some ideas so far:

1. Install Ubuntu for dual booting with Windows, (in this instance, virtualbox will be used with Windows 7).

2. How to use DeVeDe, a program used to make DVD’s with menu’s and music out of your avi’s, mpeg’s and so on.

3. How to a minimal Ubuntu install. This has already been done, but it was requested that I do it with voiceover.

As I get more idea’s, I will post them here.


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First post.

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Welcome to my place on the net.

About me:

I live in Stavanger, Norway and work as a janitor at a local school. My free time is mostly used surfing the net for solutions to problems I or others may experience with their computer. I also do some photo editing using The Gimp, which I post at Flickr. Take a look at them in the right column.

I am the family/friends goto guy when something breaks down or other help is required. During these sessions of problem solving I may stumble upon solutions that might be of use to you as well, so I thought, why not make these into screencasts.

I will be posting links to the screencasts and shownotes in this blog.

These screencasts are all made in Ubuntu, with these tools:

XVidCap. For recording the screencast.

Avidemux. For editing the video file and adding music/voice.

Audacity. For editing the audiofiles.

VirtualBox. For virtualizing different GNU/Linux and Windows installations.

All comments and feedbacks are welcome, good or bad.


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